Grower Food Safety

Certified for Excellence – The GAP and GHP programs

Food Safety…and food borne illnesses….these are subjects that impact everyone in the produce industry!
All involved in the California avocado industry whether we are growers, packers, distributors, transportation companies, retailers or food-service providersare are vital links in the global produce food supply chain. As such we all have the obligation and responsibility to be the first line of defense to ensure that the fruits and vegetables we grow and distribute to our consumers are safe.
Our California avocado industry has an excellent food safety record with few if any reports in the area of food safety and avocados being reported. Nonetheless, we must continue to be vigilant. Currently there are no government enforced food safety regulations for the avocado grower, but continual requests from all our customers to provide proof that we are providing safe avocados has led to the development of GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) and GHP (Good Harvesting Practices) programs for California avocado growers.
McDaniel Fruit Company and many of our growers have taken steps to become GAP certified growers, and have taken the steps necessary to comply with the guidelines of GHP.
We urge all California growers to investigate the requirements to become a GAP and GHP compilient California avocado producer. All the information regarding these extremely important subjects can be found by clicking on this link and searching for GAP and GHP related programs.