Grower Services and Accounting


The McDaniel Difference

The field and accounting staff at McDaniel Fruit Company is available at all times to answer all questions regarding your avocados and the avocado market.
Industry Crop Estimates: Click here to see the weekly crop projections from CAC.
YOUR Crop Estimates: Call and request an appointment with your McDaniel Field Representative for a onsite survey and estimate of you current avocado crop.
Harvesting: Harvesting labor can at times be difficult to secure. McDaniel works with most of the largest and fully certified crop harvesting companies available. Call and we will get help you schedule the harvesting of your crop coming to McDaniel Fruit Company with one of these qualified professional companies.
FREE Harvest Bin delivery and Pickup: Once you have decided to commence harvesting a professional and courteous bi-lingual driver will deliver and pickup you bins of fruit for.


Payment terms: Under normal circumstances growers receive full payment for all avocados purchased by McDaniel within 30 – 35 days after the date of delivery of fruit to the packing house.

Pack outs: A pack out report is available on every lot delivered to the packing house. These pack out reports detail the pounds of each size (in both #1 and #2 grades) contained in the lot. These pack out reports will accompany your payment check, or you can contact your McDaniel field representative and request a copy in advance of receiving your payment (please allow 5 days after delivery for this advanced service). Easy to use ON LINE ACCESS now available… Your confidential pack out reports are also now available online in your grower account file. Call and ask for our Grower account manager to learn how to Log in and access on line your account information.
Annual Grower Report: At the close of each season a special GROWERS REPORT is sent to each grower who has marketed their fruit through McDaniel during the most recent season. This report displays the pounds / grades and prices received for all product delivered during the year.
Bi Lingual staff available: Spanish speaking McDaniel Staff members are available to assist our growers who employ Spanish speaking ranch employees who need to communicate with a packing house staff member about a ranch related packing house matters.