Handling & Storage



A ripe avocado will yield to gentle pressure.  Purchasing “Ripe” avocados means you most likely intend to use this avocado in meal preparation on the day of purchase. If this is the case allowing the avocado to remain in an unrefrigerated environment such as in a fruit bowl on kitchen counter will be fine. If you intend to delay use of a Ripe” avocado for several days then it is best to keep the ripe avocado under refrigeration in your refrigerators produce drawer (not lower than 40° F). Ripe avocados can remain in perfect condition for up to 5 days in a properly refrigerated condition.




Purchasing an avocado in a “hard” or “green” condition means that the avocado will need to reach a ripened state at home. Normally it will take 3 to 5 days for a green or hard avocado to ripen in a fruit bowl environment in the kitchen. If you are buying several green avocados and want to ensure that they all do not become ripe at the same time leave only those avocados out that you intend to use soon, and store the hard green avocados in your refrigerator produce drawer. Take the hard green avocado out of refrigeration and set it in a fruit bowl 3-4 days before its intended use. Green avocados will last in good condition for up to 10 days in refrigeration. By using this method you can rotate your avocado inventory to ensure you have a “Ripe” avocado available every day, enjoy!



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