McDaniel Fruit Company is proud to have been a cornerstone in the Avocado Industry for over half a century.


  • 1944
    Rankin and Katherine McDaniel Sr. purchased their first acreage of avocados in Vista, California, laying the foundation for what would become the independent avocado corporation known today as McDaniel Fruit Company.


  • 1944-1956
    The McDaniel family participated in the fledgling California Avocado industry as an independent avocado growing operation.


  • 1957
    McDaniel Packing Company is formed––a collective avocado purchasing, packing and marketing operation.


  • 1959
    The McDaniel avocado growing operations and McDaniel Packing Company join forces, and the independently owned and operated avocado marketing corporation, McDaniel Fruit Company Inc. is formed in Vista, California.


  • 1961
    A packing facility in Escondido is established.


  • 1961
    Founding member of CADO (California Avocado Development Organization)


  • 1961
    Founding member of the California Avocado Advisory Board…the predecessor to the current CAC (California Avocado Commission)


  • 1963
    Fallbrook packing facility is opened.


  • 1965
    A Northern division of McDaniel Fruit Company opens in Goleta, CA, responding to the needs of the independent growers located in the Santa Barbara County area.


  • 1971
    McDaniel Fruit Company Avocado packing facility is constructed in Fallbrook, California. This new plant made cost containment and reduction a reality through their state-of-the-art packaging technologies.


  • 1975
    All packing and marketing operations are consolidated in the Fallbrook, California headquarters.


  • 1978
    Founding member of the California Avocado Commission


  • 1983
    Avocado packing house operations completely upgraded with new state of the art computerized grading, sizing and packing systems.


  • 1984
    RIPE REVOLUTION – With the development of the innovative new retail marketing platform… “RIPE FOR TONlGHT” … 3 new truck load volume ripening rooms are invested in to keep up with the pace of demand for RIPE Linda-Vista brand avocado products.


  • 1991
    McDaniel expands its growing resources and marketing operations into the country of Chile and becomes a global avocado marketing and distribution company.


  • 2000
    BAGGING PROGRAM EXPANSION…Investment is made in a new high tech produce bagging equipment line . These investment effectively increase bagging production capability by 100%


  • 2002
    McDaniel global expansion continues as it develops growing resources and marketing operations in the country of Mexico


  • 2010
    McDaniel’s global avocado production continues to increase with the development of avocado operations in the country of Peru.