Packaging & Marketing Options


McDaniel Fruit Company works with customers to design and create customized avocado programs. McDaniel‘s customized avocado programs assist our customers in growing their avocado marketing share and prevailing in their marketing areas. Discover how one of our many customized Linda-Vista™ brand avocado programs can help increase your avocado category profits.

Bagging Programs: Industry studies have shown that providing your customers with the option of purchasing multiple fresh avocados in a bagged format will increase the volume of consumer “IMPULSE BUYS”.


McDaniel Fruit Company’s state-of-the-art bagging capabilities, can provide you with fresh Linda-Vista brand bagged-avocados in a wide array of counts and sizes on a year-round basis.Our bagged-avocados are attractively packaged, display the appropriate UPC Bar Code, are available in various display carton configurations, and will capture the attention of your avocado customers. Linda-Vista brand bagged-avocados provide a complimentary, natural, secondary display to your fresh bulk avocado display.


Linda-Vista “bagged” avocados are available in the standard industry configurations as shown in the chart to the left, or can be customized to meet your requirements.


LUGS: Our lug boxes feature stickered fruit in a variety of sizes. They are 25 lbs(11.2 kilos) net weight and are palletized on 40”x48” grocery pallets.Select 2 is our Choice grade label, and is available in the same variety of sizes.


25 lb. or 11.2 Kilo carton with “Easy Open / Easy Close pushdown Tops” (none glued) Also Available in both “Conventionally grown” and “Organically grown” grades. Available in “Tray Pack” or “Count Volume-Fill” format in the following size configurations:



TRAY PACK or VOLUME-FILL available sizes: 28’s, 32’s, 36’s, 40’s, 48’s, 60’s, 70’s



COUNT VOLUME-FILL available sizes: 24’s, 84’s, 96’s



FLATS: Flats are 12.5 pound, one-layer boxes and are available upon request. Tray-Pack format only in the follow size / count packs: 14’s, 16’s, 18’s, 20’s, 24’s, 30’s, 35’s

Display Carton: Attractive Linda-Vista ™ brand store ready display cartons are available to create colorful avocado in store displays and help boost sales by increasing customer options and providing additional opportunities for impulse purchases…display cartons can be used with bagged Linda-Vista ™ product or loose bulk avocados.
Display cartons hold approximately 25% more product that the traditional 11.2 kilo carton and are stacked 66 cartons per pallet

Bag Stands: Available Now – Access your “Valuable /Vertical” unused produce aisle selling space with one of McDaniel’s “sturdy and safe” 4 foot tall “avocado bag stands”… specifically produced for Linda-Vista bagged product programs with space for advertising insert on top of the rack.


The use of this style of bagged produce rack strategically position will create increased Impulse sales!

RPC’S: As our industry continues to search for more economically efficient ways to safely transport produce, a reoccurring theme has been the creation of a universal common carton footprint.


While there are several competing ideas in the universal common carton footprint, one that has consistently emerged on top is the RPC (Returnable Plastic Container). McDaniel Fruit Company has designed and engineered into its fresh avocado production line the capability of packing into RPC’s at the same time we are packing into our traditional corrugated cardboard cartons.


PLU Stickers: All McDaniel Linda-Vista™ brand avocados are available with a variety of PLU sticker options as shown on the chart to the left.

CHEP Pallet:McDaniel Fruit Company’s Linda-Vista™ brand avocado cartons are available on CHEP pallets for those customers who are part of the CHEP companies certified group of receivers. CHEP pallets offer many cost saving advantages to our customers CHEP pallets offer many cost saving advantages:


• Ends pallet exchange disputes
• Reduced pallet costs
• Reduced product damage
• Consistent high quality
• Improved safety
• Reduces disposal expense


Pallets: All McDaniel products are shipped on safe 40 x 48 # 1 grade hardwood grocery pallets.