McDaniel Fruit Company has been growing quality avocados since 1944. McDaniel’s network of independent avocado growers from all major avocado growing countries provide us with the ability to harvest, package and distribute delicious Linda-Vista™ brand avocados year round.



At McDaniel Fruit Company, we have been growing quality avocados since 1944. With a collective network of California growers from the Mexican border to San Luis Obispo County, we harvest a variety of avocados year-round. 
McDaniel’s California avocado orchards, and those orchards owned and operated by our independent California grower base are located in every major California growing district. These growing districts are famous for their mild semi-tropical climates and are perfect growing grounds for the production of great tasting Linda-Vista brand avocados.
Pre-conditioning can also be done to our customer specifications in our gas rooms.




Chilean avocado groves are located in a similar range of latitudes to California, but in the Southern Hemisphere. Chilean fruit is mature when Californian Fruit is at the transition between the late and early season (August through February). This condition gives the Chilean industry a market well-primed by the momentum of California avocado sales.
Although Chile grows many varieties of avocados, they concentrate primarily on the Hass variety for export to the United States.
McDaniel Fruit Company receives Chilean Hass avocados only from Chilean growers who can produce and deliver the safest and highest quality grade avocados that we demand for our Linda-Vista brand avocados.



McDaniel Fruit Company’s international Linda-Vista brand avocado sourcing network reaches deep into the heart of the prime growing regions of Mexico, and to the highest avocado growing plateaus of the Andes mountains in Peru. In these areas some of the finest quality Hass avocados in the world are grown and McDaniel is there.
McDaniel works in partnership with only the best grower partners in these offshore regions to secure the finest quality avocados for packaging in all of our Linda-Vista brand avocado products.
All McDaniel offshore partners follow strict internationally-required food safety protocols and guidelines, as well as U.S. distribution food-safety requirements. Each grower and every facility employed by McDaniel in our offshore avocado sourcing pipeline are constantly monitored and audited by independent third party organizations to ensure that every Linda-Vista brand avocado you receive is of the quality demanded by today’s consumer.