McDaniel Fruit Company

We set root in 1944 when we planted our first avocado acreage in Vista, California. Since then, our branches have extended around the world as global suppliers of exceptional produce. From developing new groves and coordinating harvest logistics to customizing innovative marketing strategies that drive sales, McDaniel Fruit Company has the experience and expertise to help you succeed.

McDaniel Fruit Company Knows the importance of a good reputation. We take the responsibility of preserving ours seriously. To that end, we operate with integrity to:


our reputation with customers by providing them with high quality avocados to meet the expectations of their customers


our reputation as a packinghouse by providing fair & competitive returns to our global network of growers.


our reputation in the industry by focusing not just on growing the company, but on contributing to the growth and success of the global avocado market.


As owners, lease holders, professional managers and marketing agents of over 3,000 acres of California avocado production, we are able to perceive the industry through the eyes of a grower.

  • Market Insight
  • Crop Estimates
  • Harvesting
  • Grove Development
  • Bilingual Staff

Growers are encouraged to contact us to receive up-to-date market information and discuss market conditions and strategies.

Since 1944McDaniel Avocados

75 +

Years of Experience


U.S. Sales Offices

3 Bil+

Avocados Sold

Retail & Food Service

McDaniel Fruit Company proudly markets avocados, lemons, limes and mangoes coast to coast with our Linda Vista Brand name.  We assure:

  • Year Round, Reliable Availability
  • Custom Configurations & Packs
  • Bagging Options
  • Pre-Ripening Programs

Our sales team can help you distinguish yourself from your competitors with our exceptional product offerings.

Food Safety

Primus GFSI certified

All McDaniel Fruit Company owned and contracted packing facilities are Primus GFSI certified with full Produce Traceability Initiative compliance

Primus GFSI Harvest Certified

The McDaniel Fruit Harvest Crew is Primus GFSI Harvest Certified and all contracted crews follow Good Harvesting Standards


Our growers follow Good Agricultural Practices in compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

FSMA Imports

All international imports meet requirements outlined in the Food Safety Modernization Act with compliance trace back available to the grove level.

Grove Development & Management

When you become a client of McDaniel Field Division, you reap the benefits of working with a vertically integrated, full service avocado company.

  • Grove development and expansion
  • Water management & irrigation consultation
  • Pruning and skirting
  • Pipe repair & system installation
  • Fertilizer recommendation and application

McDaniel Fruit Company is a market leader in the growing, packing and distributing of quality avocados. Our roots are established in Southern California, but our branches extend around the world.